29 November 2009

library kudos: princeton public library

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Back from Thanksgiving. Token library observation: my goodness does the Princeton Public Library have a nice reference collection. (They’ve got the NJ and the US annotated codes, multiple copies, and someone’s keeping up the pocket parts. Woof.)

The (lovely and recently built) library also inspired all sorts of ILS-related conversations. Remind me after the morning coffee has kicked in and I may even remember them.


24 November 2009

Cutter number? But I…

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McSweeney’s list of library science jargon that sounds dirty.

You know….none of it sounded dirty before it was in a list….

22 November 2009


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I saw a review of a book (The Customer-Focused Library) that looked interesting, so I thought I’d get it from my local public library consortium, but they don’t have it. So I checked my library-grad-school library, but they don’t have it. Amazon’s got it, though.

19 November 2009

incentivizing ratings & reviews

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Implicit question asked by Roy Tennant during a presentation to my LIS 531R class — why is Amazon so much better at incentivizing users to rate and review books than libraries (when they support those capacities) are?

it seems that the secret is vaulted ceilings

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These libraries sure are pretty: http://curiousexpeditions.org/?p=78

13 November 2009

wanna buy a…?

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Mysterious curmudgeon to town: Would you like a new library? Town says yes. Library is lovely. (Nice web site, too.)

12 November 2009

Update on Cushing’s all-digital library

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Update on Cushing Academy, the school that ditched its print collection for Kindles &c — worth knowing about now that the academic year is underway. Some pros, some cons, not a lot of detail. Interesting that a wide variety of administrators, including a library administrator, are quoted approvingly (I wish I could’ve been around for that decision-making process). Depressing money quote:

Sophomore Elsie Eastman says she’s here all the time now. “I remember last year I barely went to the library,” she says. “I loved the library — I just barely ever went.”

10 November 2009

data mining for fun and…

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That slideset yesterday was funny, so I’ve RSSed the guy’s blog. Liked this recent post about data-mining your circ records. His university now has a recommender system (both “people who liked this book also liked” and “people in this course of study tend to like”) and a course-of-study-specific search functionality (nursing and law students want different books when they search for “ethics”). Turns out the recommender service is very popular and noticeably increases how much of their collection circulates (which my little ROI neurons like). Also provides suggestions for refining large searches based on search data. And keep an eye out for the very clever acronym which will warm your heart if you, like me, were online in the early ’90s.

9 November 2009

lipstick, cowbells, and serendipity!

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Hilarious slideset on library 2.0 OPAC features with a great subtitle — “Utilising Web 2.0 in the OPAC: lipstick, cowbells and serendipity.”.