22 November 2009


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I saw a review of a book (The Customer-Focused Library) that looked interesting, so I thought I’d get it from my local public library consortium, but they don’t have it. So I checked my library-grad-school library, but they don’t have it. Amazon’s got it, though.



  1. Sam said,

    Positive spin: it doesn’t appear in the collections yet because it’s being eagerly read and passed around behind the counters.

    Negative spin: Customers? Who are they, and more importantly, who cares about them?

    • Andromeda said,

      To be quite fair, the book only came out a month or two ago, but yeah, it is a bit in the “how to lose” camp. Luckily the online interlibrary loan feature at school is easy, so now I have a request pending :). I wonder where they’ll ship it from! (According to WorldCat the nearest library copy is at…McGill.)

    • Andromeda said,

      (Also this has me really wondering how common it is for people to monitor their ILL requests and failed catalog searches as part of their collection development policy. I know nothing about collection development! So I have no idea.)

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