6 April 2010

re: your brains

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In case anyone wondered why I was so schmoopy with glee after meeting all these librarians at ALA Midwinter:

“In case you haven’t noticed, zombies are so hot right now. In movies and books, in flash mobs and on college campuses, even in social networking, they’re everywhere — shouldn’t they be @ your library, too?”

And there’s a genuine point in the original, zombielicious post about literacy and teaching and engagement.

I like geeks and all (I am a geek and all), but I don’t think “Geek the Library” really stands up to “Zombie the Library”. (Sorry, guys.)

(The post title, by the way, is the obligatory Jonathan Coulton reference.)



  1. Wow!! I’m all kinds of flattered that you liked the post. Zombies + librarians = heaven, as far as I’m concerned — in fact I play Left4Dead on XBox Live with a team of librarians from across the country, and we have a BLAST kicking undead butt.

    Glad I found your blog and Twitter feed — I look forward to getting to know you!

    • Andromeda said,

      Ah, you’re the Twitter follower I just acquired! 🙂 Yay. I met JP at ALA Midwinter; needless to say, good times. I bet your librarian XBox fest is hilarious :). (Not so much of a Left4Dead type myself, but whoooooooa did I, well, get a lot of my brains sucked by Plants vs. Zombies. To the point that my 3-year-old can name a lot of the things in the game…a 3-year-old saying “zombies” is pretty cute fyi…which is all why I mentioned that game in your post; it’s a zombie game that appeals to audiences that more typical games don’t necessarily.)

      (Speaking of which, http://www.boingboing.net/2010/04/06/plants-vs-zombies-ch.html : awesome.)

      • I am simply crazy jealous that you got to meet JP (and probably a ton of other fabulous people — did you meet Andy Woodworth?) at Midwinter — no job means I’m stuck on the West coast with no travel plans for a while. But I’ll be getting a West coast Brand Yourself A Librarian group together during ALA, so I’ll be there in spirit!

  2. Andromeda said,

    I did meet Andy! And then discovered he’s been in a WoW for ages with a local, non-librarian friend of mine! Teehee.

    And yeah, I’m graduating in May and look, no job! So ALA looks doubtful at this point. *cry*

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