4 May 2010

glorious victory

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OMG I won the LITA award and I’m so excited I can’t think straight and my hands are shaking.

(This means I get my paper published in an upcoming issue of Information Technology and Libraries; (a peer-reviewed journal, yo) and I get an award presented at ALA Annual, which I am now going to, because I also get a big pile of cash.)

All that and LITA throws the best parties.




  1. dave said,


  2. Rachel said,

    Well done you!

  3. John Murphy said,


  4. Benjamin Kalish said,


    What was your paper about?

    • Andromeda said,

      The title is “Document Classification using Wikipedia”, and hey, you’ll be able to read it in ITAL sometime! (I’ll definitely mention when I know the publication date.) thanks!

  5. Congratulations!

  6. Erin said,


    • Andromeda said,

      Oh my, that’s quite pretty. In fact all of this shop is lovely — I may have to get something from it. Thanks!

  7. Don Beagle said,

    First, congrats on the LITA award. Your blog is one of my faves; astute observations & lively, engaging writing. Second, I’m asking permission to quote a paragraph or so from your March 9 post in a future article I’m developing. If OK, should I credit you as “Andromeda” or…??

    If you prefer to direct-reply, please use my email listed. Thanks!

    • Andromeda said,

      Thank you for your kind words!

      Cite me as Andromeda Yelton. (A recent and not-yet-employed Simmons grad, I don’t have an institutional affiliation at present.) I’d love to get a cite for the article when you have it.

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