10 January 2010

google autocomplete tells us the true nature of libraries?

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A librarian plays with Google’s autocomplete feature. Hilarity ensues.

(FWIW, if I type “andromeda is”, it autocompletes to “andromeda israel”. If I type “andromeda is “, it has no suggestions at all. Apparently I’m…nothing?)


12 December 2009

libraries are mentioned, though alas not by me

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On the internet, everyone gets their fifteen seconds of fame.

9 December 2009

better late than never

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The biography “Napoleon” by Emil Ludwig recently arrived at Toledo’s main library, with a brief note that read: “I removed this book from your stacks in 1949 and did not check it out. I apologize. It’s an excellent book and in good condition.”

And this, I guess, is why your circ clerks need to have some discretion about fines.

24 November 2009

Cutter number? But I…

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McSweeney’s list of library science jargon that sounds dirty.

You know….none of it sounded dirty before it was in a list….

9 November 2009

lipstick, cowbells, and serendipity!

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Hilarious slideset on library 2.0 OPAC features with a great subtitle — “Utilising Web 2.0 in the OPAC: lipstick, cowbells and serendipity.”.

24 October 2009

i saw this as a scene in a real novel recently, too

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“A headstrong young protagonist in way over her head visited the microfilm room of the New Haven Public Library Tuesday night in order to delve deeper into a riveting plotline that could put her career—and maybe even her life—on the line….”

Thanks, Onion!

Having dealt with microfilm myself recently (for the first time in, probably, decades), I admit the suspense potential is pretty high. But findability? Not what I’m used to.

3 October 2009

“why google and apple win and you don’t”

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This cartoon doesn’t realize that it’s making the same claim as discovery interfaces and other current OPAC design thinking, but it is.

11 September 2009

I can totally go study every morning

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Dudes! Did you see the library they’ve got here?

Thank you, McSweeney’s.

14 July 2009

in which hilarity ensues

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Fake NYT bestseller list.