30 May 2010

now, officially press-released

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Check it out: official press release for the LITA/Ex Libris writing award. Apparently my paper is “intriguing, yet practical and readable”. Sweet! (And to think, you all will be able to read it in ITAL in…six months or something.)


4 May 2010

glorious victory

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OMG I won the LITA award and I’m so excited I can’t think straight and my hands are shaking.

(This means I get my paper published in an upcoming issue of Information Technology and Libraries; (a peer-reviewed journal, yo) and I get an award presented at ALA Annual, which I am now going to, because I also get a big pile of cash.)

All that and LITA throws the best parties.


9 January 2010


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Check it out! I’m on Twitter now. See the nice little widget? –>

@ThatAndromeda. Roleplay accordingly, folks.

12 December 2009

libraries are mentioned, though alas not by me

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On the internet, everyone gets their fifteen seconds of fame.